Ida is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). 

The Co-Active Model balances self-awareness, a keen agility with relationships, and courageous action to create an environment where individuals can be deeply fulfilled, connected to others and successful in what matters most.

The “Co” in Co-Active suggests relationship, connection, intimacy and collaboration. Thus, the “Co” in us is curious, listens deeply, hears nuance, holds space for others, intuits and nurtures.

The “Active” in Co-Active stands for power, direction, action and manifestation. So, the “Active” in us is courageous, has clarity and conviction, takes charge and achieves goals.


Co-Active Coaching is a unique, proactive alliance in which coach and client work together as equals to meet the needs of the client. Fervent curiosity is more important for the coach than specialized knowledge.
CTI holds that all people are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, and capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face. The job of the Co-Active Coach is to ask questions, listen, and empower rather than instruct and advise. We also believe that all parts of people’s lives – their careers, relationships, recreation, personal growth, and finances for example – are interrelated and may be addressed on the way to the client’s goal.

We coach the whole person to extraordinary results.

" Ida is an insightful, thoughtful coach that has listened and supported me in my search for my new path as a person, mother, professional and expat. At a crossroads, she is able to look at my strengths and my personality to provide strong guidance and support without imposing. "

-Veronica Auguste Barbon, Access Helpdesk Manager-

"Ida starts by getting to know you as a person and will then partner with you to get insight to take steps regarding your coaching question. Through a couple of confronting yet pleasant sessions she has guided me forward significantly, both private and in business."
- Eduard, Accountmanager-

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